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Product Care

Product Care and Maintenance

Conditioning Arboria Furniture

To condition or recondition your outdoor furniture we recommend usage of a number of widely available furniture oils. Conditioning before first use is optional, but if choosing to do so, it is easiest to apply prior to assembly. This conditioning will revitalize the wood after what may have been a long duration since it received its factory applied oil finish. Howard's Orange Oil comes in a handy spray bottle:

Watco makes a series of quality products, including Teak Oil:

Regular reconditioning will keep the outdoor lawn furniture looking its best. Ensure that your furniture is dry before reconditioning. With this in mind, you may find it easiest to recondition your furniture as you take it out for the season or after it has been kept in dry storage for the winter. Include retightening bolts and screws, that may have loosened with use, as part of this routine.

After 12-48 months your patio furniture may have silvered under the sun's rays. This is a natural occurrence and is often viewed as a favorable state. Alternatively, if you wish to recapture a darker look, we recommend applying an oil stain. Two good options:

1. Cabot's Australian Timber Oil

2. Penofin's Hardwood Penetrating Oil Finish

Both are widely available and contain solids that will restore a darker color to the wood. Please be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for preparation and application.

Conditioning Garden Structures

To stabilize and protect your unstained or unpainted Arboria garden structure from the natural aging process, we recommend applying a quality water or oil-based finish to the product. Best results can be achieved by using Penofin (, 1.800.PENOFIN) as per manufacturer's instructions. If you desire to paint your product, we recommend a quality oil or acrylic primer coat prior to applying the final coat(s). Be sure to allow sufficient time for your product to dry. Avoid applying finish to any metal or non-wood parts, as well as any sections of your product which have a factory applied color stain.