Stack it up!

If you're like us, your space available for gardening is extremely limited - whether it be a full backyard garden, or simply a pot placed on your patio. We're always looking to maximize our space, keeping in mind good sun exposure, drainage and ease of use.

Cascadia Planter with Bottom

The Arboria Cascadia Planter with Bottom could be the answer to your space conundrum.

The innovative Cascadia Planter is a planter like no other, allowing you to create three-tiers of living architecture.

The removable bottom panel allows for placement on a deck or patio, as well as in the garden or landscaping. This planter serves as a focal structure whether in bloom or off-season.

Cascadia Planter with Bottom, offset installation

Instructions feature multiple installation options to achieve a unique look, while maximizing your garden and landscape space. 4 cubic foot capacity (approx.).

Assembled dimensions (width x depth x height): 28” x 28” x 15”.

Cascadia Planter with Bottom