Plan your 2018 garden

Plan your 2018 garden

It's hard to believe with much of the country dealing with cold, wet and even frozen weather - but spring is thankfully just around the corner. And that means gardeners everywhere are starting to plan their 2018 gardens and beds.

Now is the perfect time to adhere to time-honored gardening traditions:

  • About a month before planting, clean up your garden area and tools so you can dive right into the soil when the time is right. To accelerate the growing process, start sensitive plants indoors (if possible).
  • When the soil is dry enough, start breaking it up and add compost, fertilizers and soil amendments.
  • Create a planting calendar specific to your growing zone (consult the USDA Hardiness Zone charts).
  • If you're starting a new garden, maximize your future harvest be choosing a location with appropriate sunlight access, water source and wind protection.

Of course, Arboria has a wide variety of outdoor gardening products to assist in your planting - highlighted by our Classic Potting Shelf & Bench, crafted from Western Cedar.

The Classic Potting Shelf features two shelves and an open back - perfect for holding small tools, plant starts, fertilizers, and all of your potting needs. The shelf attaches simply to the back of the potting bench (hardware included). A refreshed take on a timeless design. The bench top features sliding tops, which open to a soil storage/collection bin. Large sturdy legs ensure a solid workspace. 1.3 cubic foot capacity/10.67 gallons.

We also offer a selection of elevated gardens (perfect for patio living), and traditional planter boxes.