Keep your privacy!!

Privacy screens have been used for centuries not only to add a decorative touch but also to provide a separation of spaces. An outdoor privacy screen can do the same for deck or a garden. Dressing up a deck with a privacy screen is a simple way to add extra privacy in your back yard or hide an unwanted view. A privacy screen won't completely block incoming light, but will obscure unsightly elements of your landscape.

Sometimes a property or landscape design doesn’t warrant a full fencing solution. Perhaps you are looking just to cover a specific element or area of your property from the outside world. This is where privacy screens come in.

Privacy screens act as a way of creating small shielded areas for places like hot tubs, saunas and outdoor dining areas, and also serve as decorative pieces to cover unsightly objects such as air conditioning and home central units, gas lines, electrical boxes, and more. Privacy screens are a great way to add a small touch of rustic wood appeal to your landscape design while also being functional, practical, and adding value & personal privacy to your outdoor living experience.

Andover Arch and Wings

Arboria's Andover Arch and Wings add a touch of elegance to your garden or landscape. The Andover Arch features a finely milled arched cedar frame with finger jointed, furniture style construction. A closely spaced lattice pattern is used to create the body panel - offering privacy without fencing. Includes two 3-ft. metal stakes for easy installation.

The Andover Wing wins praise for its performance as a supporting role to the Andover Arch. Featuring a closely spaced lattice pattern which offers privacy without fencing, Andover Wings are sold in pairs. Includes two metal stakes for easy installation. May be used as a separate garden accent, or use the included hinges to attach to the sides of the Andover Arch.