Define your garden with an arbor

Garden arbors and pergolas have traditionally been used to provide links between terraces or garden pavilions. In fact, pergolas and arbors are often confused and the terms are used interchangeably. Pergolas are most often used today as a shaded walkway or sitting area, while arbors now provide stately entrances to landscaping or gardens - in effect, creating a welcoming division.

While pergolas tend to be large structures, arbors are an effective addition used to open up otherwise narrow or small garden features. An arbor can provide a structural element to frame an entrance or opening, while also offering vertical growing space for climbing plants and flowers.

Arboria offers the Madrona Arbor - this substantial and stately arbor commands notice, especially when used at the entrance to a garden path or walkway. The Madrona's side panels feature wide-slat, smooth-sanded woodwork with over-sized top and bottom rails. The arbor's wide, prominent posts, topped with a gently curved arch, add to the caliber of its design. Classic keystones serve as a finishing touch on front and back arches.

For lasting strength, the pre-assembled side panels feature furniture-style, mortise and tenon joinery of rail to posts. Woodwork panels are double fastened at every joint and set into channels in the surrounding frame with bleed-free hardware. Includes four galvanized steel anchors for securing arbor with cement.

Assembled dimensions (width x depth x height): 69.75" x 42" x 91"